Complaints Handling

Sadly the compensation culture means that the number of complaints going to the FOS are increasing. Equally sadly, the Financial Ombudsman’s Service has shown no desire to employ better qualified adjudicators and ombudsmen and continues to deliver far too many perverse or baffling decisions.

Complaints Handling

In the first instance, our regulatory compliance consultants attempt to deal with the problem at source by showing firms how to run their businesses in such a way as to make it unlikely that any complaint would be sustainable.

When complaints are received, as your financial services compliance consultants, we seek to be involved from the outset. We make an independent assessment as to whether the complaint has merit or not and, in either instance, advise on the best way it should be dealt with. If required, we can undertake all necessary correspondence. Few of our clients get complaints nowadays, however when they do, our regulatory compliance consultants are always involved so we are up to date with any trends or ‘flavours of the month’ that the Ombudsman might have.

Using our FCA compliance services gives you the best chance of a fair outcome.

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